Cobain Jones - Lockdown Q&A

Cobain Jones Manchester

Cobain Jones - Unplugged EP

1. Listen
2. Wonder
3. Sinkin'
4. She Plays
5. Hold Me Back


Cobain Jones, the 19 year old solo sensation from Stalybridge has certainly ruffled a few feathers with his entrance to the Manchester music scene. The release of his amazing debut EP, Unplugged, in January 2020 was just the tip of the iceberg of a wonderful career which we are all about to watch unfold. If you haven't yet heard it then get it added to your library right away, you'll be hooked from track one, which is the sing-a-long number in 'Listen'.

We were very lucky in securing tickets to Dirty Laces' intimate show at 33 Oldham St in Manchester on 1st March, where we saw Cobain support and we was blew away. Cobain's soothing vocals alongside his catchy lyrics and melody are exactly the reason why he has been picking up rave reviews already across Twitter and has been recommended by the likes of Tim Burgess and Liam Fray.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in not being able to see Cobain grace the stage, we grabbed him for a quick 'Lockdown Q&A', we found out who he is listening to during lockdown and which artist he would spend lockdown with, if such a wish could ever have been granted that is!

So Cobain, how are you keeping yourself busy throughout lockdown?

"I'm keeping busy by writing new tunes which would be enough for an album, musics all I've done since I've been in lockdown."

We were blew away with your EP and very eager to hear more material, how far around the corner is your next track?

"Not until next year now. The demos and unplugged sessions are a thing of the past. There's going to be a new chapter in the Cobain Jones story and I can't wait until it unfolds!"

Have you happened to stumble across any new artists during lockdown?

"Yes/No because I've known about them before lockdown but bands like Narrow Margin, Dirty Laces, Stanleys, Scuttlers are the standouts for me."

After your very successful unplugged EP, we hear rumours that you're going to be introducing a band... Fill us in!

"I was rehearsing with two lads who were recommended by Jake and Ben out of Narrow Margin before lockdown but obviously it's made us unable to do anything but it's a working progress."

If you could've spent the pandemic period locked down with ONE artist/musician, who would it be and why?

"It would have to be McCartney. I reckon we could write an unbelievable body of work but no one is better suited to do that with him more than Lennon."

What is the first thing you will be doing as soon as things are back to normal?

"First thing I'm doing when things go back to normal is going to McDonald's! Only joking I'll hopefully be gigging."

We certainly are looking forward to hearing Cobain back in action and with the possibility of a band introduction. You can keep up with Cobain Jones on Twitter by clicking here. Stay safe Cobain and we will catch up with you later in the year.

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