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Writing and recording throughout the spring & summer at MMB Studios in Manchester's Northern Quarter (England), the newly formed group of individuals set out to express their shared concern of the distinct lack of morals in today’s modern society, and voice those opinions under the 'FTK' banner.

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Introduction to FTK

FTK are an Alternative Rock band from Manchester, formed by Curtis Taylor and Ciaran Egan from their previously named project, 'Feed The Kid'. In early 2018 Curtis and Ciaran added Thomas May (guitar) and Andy Fletcher (bass) to their line-up, and have smashed into 2019 with their brilliant double-A side release of Deja Daydream/Tight Leash. The quartet have recently played a hometown gig at 'Band On The Wall' on 23rd March, after playing 'Thousand Island' in London on the 6th.

Just like a 'Deja Daydream', their new record is a firm favourite of ours with their very memorable chorus sticking in our minds. The track comes with a must-see video with their very own featured clown, played by Jimmy McKenna of Hollyoaks. The video is filmed in their hometown around various places of the Northern Quarter, click here to watch the video and watch the clown that you will most definitely relate to.

We caught up with frontman Curtis on his music-video influences, to see what was on the horizon for FTK in 2019 and where his favourite tipple is in Manchesters' famous NQ!

The video for Deja Daydream is brilliant, what was the thought-process for this?

"Thanks mate. I have to mention that Tom (guitarist) does all our videos, which helps 'cos we are skint and he’s happy to be paid in pints of Guinness. He is top at what he does. He spent any free time he had on it, and there were a lot of non-gender specific hours put into it. I’m basically using the question as a platform to let him know he’s appreciated – nice one ‘Analogue Tom’.

To be honest the song is a bit bleak and so is the video. The track is about the repetitive & monotonous nature of life. The majority of the population; wake up, work, come home, sleep, repeat. I don’t mean that’s our fault, it’s just been drilled into us, and it seems like there’s no break from it… we basically live Groundhog Day hence the title “Deja Daydream”.

The idea of the clown going to his day job can be transferred to any occupation, we all paint on a face and pretend to be happy while we serve others.

The video itself uses several techniques to blur the lines of reality. A main technique we used was over saturation giving it a cartoon effect. This emulates the lyrically content and tries to show how the world no longer feels real, or that we have been painting a face on ourselves that long that we no longer know what’s real."

We all love a good music video, what is your personal all-time favourite music video?

"On the spot here... Growing up I really liked Richard Ashcroft ‘song for the lovers’ video. Really simple idea. All filmed in a hotel room, playing music too loud when getting ready for a date that he missed it. I think I always read too much into it, but I felt it was like fate coming and knocking; and you missed it, let it pass, as you weren’t ready. It made me feel sorry for him never knowing what could have been. The flip side of that is that the songs called ‘song for the lovers’ but he’s sat on his own eating room service with his tunes blaring, not giving a fuck.

But hands down I don’t think I’ve seen a more powerful video than Hozier ‘Take Me To Church’… the songs lyrics take on an entire new meaning when you watch the video, very deep. It can leave you in a right state when you get in at 5 in the morning and you continue the party!"

Does the recent A-side release mean your debut album is next in 2019?

"Yea it was a double A side, do people still do that? We are actually working on an album at the moment, none of the 6 singles we have released in the passed 5 months will be on it. Its going to be a different concept. At the minute there’s a lot of hip hop drum beats, inspiration from late 90s hip hop, manc tones such as Stone Roses, and elements of Damon Albarns' ‘Gorillaz’. Bit of a mix bag, but hopefully it will come together alright."

The Manchester music scene is really banging at the moment, if you could choose anyone to support, who would it be?

"You might be after a new up and coming band, but I’d have to say Ian Brown, I think our new stuff would work together. On a another note FTK supported Audioweb a few years back, which was an honour, and I got to know ‘Maxi’ the Audioweb drummer. I wasn’t aware that Maxi was Ian Browns drummer for quite a while, he did ‘The World is Yours’. I hammered that album and seen IB several times that year. Bit of a tangent, but it was a top album."

The NQ seems to be your favourite place, aswell as ours! Name your go-to bar and tipple of choice...

"Our studio is on Newton Street so it’s hard to get out of the NQ. The band only drink Guinness and end up in the same haunts after practice (Gulliver’s & The Castle). My favourite bars are ‘The Angel’ and ‘Turks head’ towards Shudehill, and then further afield ‘Pevril Of The Peak’ and ‘Briton Protection’, and ‘The Eagle’.

Fancy a ‘Feed The Kid’ beer crawl?"

We really enjoyed talking with Curtis and will have more from FTK later this year as we will most certainly be meeting up with them for a Guinness to talk about their debut album. Albeit we might have to do it over several nights considering the amount of bars they mentioned! In the meantime you can keep up with Curtis and the boys over at their Facebook by clicking here. Good luck with the album lads!

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