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From Carbon Existence Manchester

From Carbon - 'Existence' Launch

Saturday 30th March 2019
The Bread Shed,
Grosvenor St, Manchester, M1 7HL

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Existence Album Launch

From Carbon launch their new album 'Existence' with a show at The Bread Shed in Manchester on Saturday 30th March. 5 years on from their debut album 'Wealth', the band are back with more musically galvanizing indie-rock. The album opens with 'Lightspeed', which suspenseful introduction is the perfect way to introduce the delicate vocals from frontman Scott Jeffreys. '(Never) Give Up The Fight' is most certainly a future single from the band, the powerful bridge punches into the melodic chorus which will have you singing along from the first listen. The album is also accompanied by their already released single, Petty Tom, which is the ultimate advert for the septet. 'Slowly Decay' is a firm favourite here at SoundMate, Scott's soft vocals creating an intimate ambience paired with the spectacular riffs from their very own lead guitarist, Adam Smethurst.

The seven-piece from Failsworth will play an additional set at The Bread Shed, joining up with the very talented composer Joe Duddell and a live classical ensemble. Joe has worked with some of the biggest names in the Manchester music scene, such as New Order, James, Elbow, The Charlatans and recently the Slow Readers Club. Following on from such bands, which are very influential to lead singer Scott, just shows how a big of a night this is for the band and the launch of their next record.

Tickets are now running very low and it is definitely a show not to be missed with the fabulous Little Sparrow also opening the show. Get down to The Bread Shed this Saturday and show your support, tickets can be bought here or if you'd like to pre-order the album then click here. 10% of album sales will be donated to Musicians Against Homelessness who are also promoting this show.

Interview with Scott Jeffreys

How does the new album 'Existence' compare to your debut album 'Wealth'?

"We believe it's far more accomplished, we recorded wealth not long after forming and some songs were rushed and not really finished. We have took a lot longer to record and finish existence so there has been a lot of time for the songs to evolve naturally, we've gigged a lot of the album for two years and honed them, changed lyrics, melodies etc. It wasn't something we planned, it's just that we had to work around the availability of our producer Chris Oliver who's a busy person."

If you could personally pick one track off the album to advertise the band, what would it be?

"That's a tough question, I think the title track "existence" encapsulates what we're about the most, but I think "(never) give up the fight" is the catchiest song on there, it would depend on who we were trying to impress. Saying that "Slowly Decay" is my favourite at the moment."

Was there any tracks that didn't make the cut?

"Yeah unfortunately we had to cut 2 songs from the CD as they weren't mixed in time but we're adding them to the album once it's released online. To be honest I think the album is a better balance without them but "Long in the tooth" sounds great and it probably should have made the album. "Revolving Door" has some nice moments but I think it's right that it was cut, there was another song we recorded "Dirty Bomb" which we never finished, it was a weird off beat thing, totally different than anything else we've done before and maybe a bit too experimental for this album."

Many great Manchester bands have played with Joe Duddell and the sets have all been fantastic, are you looking forward to adding your name to the list?

"Yeah we're really honoured that he's agreed to work with us, I think he got sick of me asking him and agreed just to stop me pestering him. He's worked with some of our musical heroes and has been telling us some really funny stories about some of the stars he's worked with. It's crazy he was playing with New Order at Carnegie Hall in New York , whilst Debbie Harry stood watching in the wings, and the next thing is he's working with us, an unsigned band from Failsworth. I think our songs lend themselves to orchestration and it's something we've wanted to do for five years but it's finally happening."

Is there any possibility of a tour for Existence?

"Anything is possible, but right now we don't have a tour planned. We're hoping the hype from the album launch, and album will lead to other opportunities, we'd really love to go out on a support tour again. We supported Heather Small on a theatre tour 2 years ago which was mind blowing, we'd love to experience something like that again. We're open to offers though!"

From Carbons's official website can be found here and they are on Twitter and Facebook.

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