Jordan Allen are back with 'Never Give It Up'

Jordan Allen Never Give It Up Manchester


11th September - XS Manchester Showcase
13th September - Brain Tumour Charity Show
6th October -Etihad Stadium -City Square
26th October - Gorilla - Manchester

Jordan Allen are back with a bang, their new single 'Never Give It Up', which is the first of four recordings. The band have returned from a very tough 8 months, much to the delight of their passionate fanbase who were sent into meltdown following their split from management which seemed to be the end for Jordan Allen. However, they are back in full flow with a new direction and have already sold-out their comeback hometown show at Gorilla on Saturday 26th October.

The Bolton based band also boast a new raw post-punk sound which they feel they are more suited towards rather than the indie-pop direction they was heading in. 'Never Give It Up' has certainly exceeded expectations and has already been named track of the week on XS Manchester. This is just a taste of what is to come and they are looking forward to showcasing their new material at upcoming tour dates in London, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Glasgow aswell as supporting The Slow Readers Club in December.

There has also been some additions to the band with twin brothers Cameron and Kurtis Maunder coming in on guitar and Ailis McKay on drums. Joining frontman Jordan Allen and bassist Kieran Loughran who remain the original members of the band.

Jordan, you are back! Just how good does it feel especially after seeing your die-hard fan base take 'the end' so hard?

It feels like I have my life back and I’m so glad people are buzzing about the comeback, I can’t wait to pick up where we left off.

How hard have the past 8 months been in terms of getting everything on the right path?

Difficult, we’ve had speed bumps, but the band have been amazing they’ve all worked so hard to get to this point and now it’s paying dividends.

How is the new life under your own management with a new sound and new band members?

I feel free which is crazy to say considering it’s always been my project haha! I can make my own decisions and take risks where before I felt we had to play it safe. The new sound is really different and I think it’s the kind of music we should have been making all along.

Your upcoming tour is around the corner and then dates with The Slow Readers Club, how excited are you to be getting back out there?

It feels like Christmas every time I pick up the microphone. Words can’t describe how much I missed it and how much more I appreciate stepping out on that stage because of it.

'Never Give It Up' sounds perfectly titled to your comeback, talk us through it...

We had 4 to pick from and this felt like the perfect transition between the old stuff and for where we are right now it couldn’t be more fitting, so many times I’ve been told “do you think your still gonna make it” “maybe you should think about settling down” and watching my friends get married and engaged, but this is my life and I will Never Give It Up until I believe I have nothing left to say or I’ve gone as far as I can.

Lastly, just what can we expect from Jordan Allen in 2020?

Bigger things than ever and when I say that I mean it. Songs, shows. They’re already booked and recorded. Now you just gotta wait.

We cannot wait to see what they have in store and we wish Jordan Allen all the best on their comeback and will be watching them closely. Go and give the new single a listen today, it is available across all platforms. If you would like to keep up with the band then you can follow their Twitter by clicking here or their Facebook by clicking here.

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