Reclaim Vienna release debut single

Reclaim Vienna Kick The Butterfly Manchester

Kick The Butterfly

Release Date - 13th September 2019

Jon Steen - Singer
Ryan Harlow - Lead Guitar
Danny Smith - Guitar & Song Writer
Ryan Smith - Drums
Harry Woodrow - Synth
Paul Hill - Bass

Manchester Show

The Bread Shed in Manchester
Saturday 30th November 2019

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After recently signing to new Manchester label 42's Records, Reclaim Vienna release their debut single 'Kick The Butterfly'. The single is now available across all platforms and you can buy physical editions along with their new merchandise from the 42's store by clicking here.

The Manchester based band from Cheshire who are hot off the heels of performing at Flixton Festival, which has attracted many new fans, will be running down the time to their headline hometown show at the Breadshed in November. You will hear them showcase 'Kick The Butterfly' amongst other material from their locker which we are eagerly anticipated to hear after the brilliant sound in which KTB holds.

We spoke to songwriter and guitarist Danny Smith on what life has been like for the band after joining their new label, their feels on releasing their debut single and just what is in the pipeline for them ahead of their Manchester headline gig.

There has already been alot of hype around the new single before its release, how happy are you now its finally out there?

Really happy. We're proud of Kick the Butterfly and the song encapulates what we want to sound like. It's electronic with a pop chorus. It's the first single to be released with our record label (42 Records) and we're made up with the reaction online. We hope people enjoy it when listening.

Now you're with 42's Records, do you feel you are on track to power into 2020 in which could prove a real breakthrough year for you guys?

Yes. Having them behind us gives us an extra edge in the music industry. The internet has allowed anyone from anywhere to upload and share music. It makes finding bands like us that bit more difficult. If you're good it will happen eventually but we're made up 42's Records found is so early.

I presume you have alot of material locked away and KTB is just the tip of the iceberg for what can be expected?

We do. We're constantly writing and changing songs to get them to the best they can be.,KTB is just the first part of our plan, it sets the standard but by all means the best is yet to come. We've got an album's worth of songs so 2020 will mean more gigs and releases.

So what is the plan for Reclaim Vienna, would you say working towards and album and a tour for 2020?

In 2019 we will release another single and then head into 2020 with more single releases planned. There are gigs being organised for 2020 with a big home town gig already in place. You'll just have to wait and see where! We have 4/5 songs already recorded, whether they form an album or not is yet to be decided.

Lastly, we will certainly be in attendance for your hometown Manchester headline show at the Breadshed, just what can we all expect?

A party. People dancing. Banging tunes. Choruses you'll want to scream.

Thanks to Danny for taking the time to talk to us at SoundMate and we wish you and the boys all the best for your upcoming jouney.

Reclaim Vienna will play The Bread Shed in Manchester on Saturday 30th November 2019, you can get your tickets by clicking here. The boys will be headlining their first hometown show since joining with 42's and releasing their debut single and you sure will be in for a treat. If you would like to keep up with the band then you can follow their Twitter by clicking here or their Facebook by clicking here.

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