Reclaim Vienna release 'Paris'

Reclaim Vienna Paris Manchester


Release Date - 6th September 2019

Jon Steen - Singer
Ryan Harlow - Lead Guitar
Danny Smith - Guitar & Song Writer
Ryan Smith - Drums
Harry Woodrow - Synth
Paul Hill - Bass

After the success of their debut single 'Kick The Butterfly' under their new Manchester label, 42's Records, Reclaim Vienna release their second single 'Paris' which is an absolute banger. The single is now available across all platforms and you can buy physical editions along with their new merchandise from the 42's store by clicking here.

Their new floor filler which is essentially a dance track with an added pop vibe boasts similarities to New Order and will be sure to get you dancing. They are hot on the heels of two sold out Manchester gigs and have just announced that they will be playing Night & Day Cafe on Friday 28th February, tickets are still available and you can get yours by clicking here.

We spoke to songwriter and guitarist Danny Smith on the release of their second single 'Paris', the inspiration behind their dance vibe and what is in the pipeline for Reclaim Vienna in 2020.

A very feel-good tune Danny, what was the inspiration behind 'Paris'?

Paris was one of the first songs I'd wrote for the band. It has been with us from the start. We wanted to create music that people wanted to dance to. We wanted to use electronic synths but also to use big choruses. The way it has gone from an acoustic guitar to what it is now is remarkable. It's a song people love at our gigs and it has been XS Manchester Radio's track of the week. Something we are very proud of.

As you are the songwriter, could you fill us in with what 'Paris' is about?

The song itself refers to the Sacre Coeur in Paris. I lived in Paris for two years and I love the place and miss it everyday. The Sacre Coeur is my girlfriend's favourite place in Paris so it's quite a romantic tune. It conveys the message that, you know if we do fall out and things aren't going to plan, i'll always be there. As I said, quite romantic. Parts of it are also about dull times, it's the second verse, "believe in me when I say, the sun will rise on us again". It's like, come on, it doesn't matter how grim it is, just keep going and we will be alright. It's about my previous band, after we'd split up I thought come on lads, we're too talented to just stop. Keep going and we will have our day again. And so far that is happening.

Would you say this style of music is what RV are all about or will we see a variety in future releases?

Yes. Paris defines the Reclaim Vienna sound. It is electronic with traditional pop songwriting. There are guitar hooks, vocal melodies and synth tracks going on. That's what we want. I think that's what we are best at doing. We try to base our songs around Paris and make sure we do not stray too far from it. We have a joke about German Industrial Techno. We have gone too electronic at times and we have had to reign ourselves in. German Industrial Techno needs to stay in Germany. Not Reclaim Vienna.

With Night & Day already confirmed for early 2020, are you expecting a big year?

We hope so! We have already confirmed dates for our UK Tour which starts at the end of January and take us through to early April. We will be playing in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and our home town Winsford. We have ended 2019 well in my opinion. Paris is released and has been XS Manchester's track of the week. We almost sold out The Bread Shed in Manchester which for us was mega.

After hearing 'Paris' I am very eager to hear more, is there any talk of your debut album yet?

You'll have to ask 42 Records about that. Phil? Andy? Alan?

Well we certainly hope that 42 Records have you working on that debut album ASAP! A massive thank you to Danny for taking the time to talk to us, we wish you and the lads a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2020, in a year which will no doubt will see you breakthrough. If you would like to keep up with the band then you can follow their Twitter by clicking here or their Facebook by clicking here.

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