SCUTTLERS release new single

Scuttlers There's Nothing New Manchester

Scuttlers - There's Nothing New

Release Date - 17th June 2019

Kaiden Nolan
Liam Cleere
Tom Ogg
Jack Phillips

Middleton quartet release new single 'There's Nothing New'

Rock four-piece Scuttlers release their new single today, 'There's Nothing New'. This will certainly be an anthem for the boys with the catchy melodic chorus and one we cannot wait to hear live. The single has already had coverage on XS Manchester Radio as well as being named as their 'Record of the Week'.

The new release comes just ahead of their upcoming hometown gig at Manchester's Deaf Institute, which is not to be missed. The gig takes place on Friday 5th July and frontman Kaiden Nolan has promised that they have a couple of suprises in store for their attendees. Scuttlers will be joined by Ryan Jarvis and The Monday Night Club who will be supporting them on the night. Tickets are flying out for this and what a night it will be, click here to get your ticket and join the celebration of their latest release which will most certainly have you bouncing.

Scuttlers will be also making an appearance at Kendal Calling this year, you can find them at the House Party tent.

We managed to catch a few words with lead vocalist Kaiden to catch his thoughts on their upcoming gig, the response to their new single and just what is in the pipeline this year...

We LOVE the new tune, how would you best describe 'your' sound and will the follow up music be on the same vibe?

Nice one for the appreciation mate we’re buzzing with the outcome of it, I would describe our sound as Rock n Roll with a modern outlook and attitude. We’re big believers in catchy tunes with lyrics and melodies that you can sing from the bottom of your heart, and we feel that we’ve ticked that box with this record.

We don’t want to give too much away for what we’re planning next, so all I will say on the matter is that it is an absolute anthem, and that we’re steering the ship slightly in another direction for our next one. Hopefully it will be hitting the streets at the back end of the summer.

The Deaf Institute will be one not to miss, but just how excited are you about playing Kendal Calling?

To think when we started this band that we would be headlining one of the most iconic venues in Manchester and playing Kendal Calling in our second year would be a distant dream. We were over the moon with getting asked to play the festival but when we seen the line up it just blew our excitement through the roof. Courteeners always smash their live shows and to see them headline Kendal is a fitting tribute. Alongside CHIC and Gerry Cinnamon, that festival this year is untouchable.

Is there an album in the pipeline just yet?

The idea of the album is always spoke about between us, and over the last year the blueprints of it are more or less there, but there’s no rush on acting upon it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a year or two before we booked the studio time for it, all we’re focusing on now is releasing top singles and getting our name and music out there to the masses.

If you could support ONE fellow Manchester band, who would it be and why?

At this current time we’re really into what bands like the Blinders and Cabbage are doing with guitar music. They have massive tunes and a massive sound which is always our aim in the studio. So to play with those would be massive for us (even though the Blinders are from Doncaster).

What iconic Manchester venue would you love to headline one day with Scuttlers?

I’ve always been in love with the GMex, (now Manchester Central) as a gig venue. Its 12,500 all standing, which is the perfect conditions for a rock n roll show. Onwards from that I love to think that we’d have the potential to headline Heaton Park over the next 10 years. We’re dreamers, but I’d hate to think that we would ever be anything else.

The single is now available across all digital platforms. If you would like to keep up with Scuttlers then you can follow their Twitter by clicking here or their Facebook by clicking here.

We will be there bouncing around to 'There's Nothing New' on July 5th and most definitely see you in the fields at Kendal! All the best for the future lads and we will most definitely be catching up again soon.

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