Fauna SoundMate Roster

Fauna are the latest band to join the SoundMate Roster

Fauna are the latest band to join the SoundMate roster, at a very exciting time with the roster rapidly bulking up with rising talent from Manchester. Following their electric performance for OpenBeat at The Castle back in April, we will be working closely with the boys to bring their infectious on-stage energy to a wider audience and give them the platform that they deserve!

Fauna are made up of brothers Danny (Vocals and Guitar) and Adam (Guitar), Tom (Drums) and Charlie (Bass), and they have been busy since the pandemic recording new music and even brewing their own beer! The band have most recently played Liverpool Sound City Festival and look to take their soaring choruses across the UK in 2022.

Their latest single was the upbeat indie pop anthem, ‘Done Alright’, which quite ironically ‘Done Alright’.. The high energy within song is a must to catch live and leaves you stuck with the irresistibly catchy chorus! Lead singer Danny had this to say about the track:

“The track expresses the exasperation that we feel towards the world we’ve inherited. The generations before us have pillaged the planet for all its natural resources and built an unsustainable society. Yet those with the power to make change still sit inactive. Instead they make performative gestures, in an attempt to disguise the desperate attempts to line their pockets and cling on to whatever power they can.

The song is driven by the belief that everyone deserves to have agency over their own life. The thought of spending the rest of our days in a 9-5, clocking in day in and day out, whilst the elite hoard their wealth and kill the planet is enough to drive anyone to fantasize about Marxist revolution. But the reality is we’re all trapped in wage slavery. So the least we can do is be self aware, embrace how fucked we all are and write a song about it…

All things considered, we’re all doing alright, and it’s important to remind ourselves of that from time to time!”

We are really excited to have Fauna on board and we will have some live dates for you very soon, in the meantime be sure to get yourself lost in their Spotify collection which boasts summery pop moments, old school rock and roll percussion and soaring choruses!

Click here to listen to Fauna’s Spotify