Slow Readers Club Going Full Time

The Slow Readers Club – Going Full-Time

The Slow Readers Club have really started to take off in recent times and following their very successful third album back in May 2018, the band exploded into 2019 by becoming full-time musicians. The band wanted to take things to the next level by attacking 2019 properly, so they announced a massive 32 date Spring Tour. This gave them a chance to take their catchy synth anthems across the UK to their very supportive fanbase in locations which they haven’t played before.

‘The Slow Readers Fan Club’ Facebook group boasts over 4,000 die hard members which is a beautiful community for all the ‘READERS’ to share their views, memories and most of all support for the boys. The group has also seen lots of genuine fans have the opportunity to gain entry to sold-out shows, with fans showing the love to eachother by selling on tickets for face value and beating the touts! Lead vocalist Aaron Starkie and his lead guitarist brother, Kurtis Starkie, are very active on the group and often very kindly spend their time replying to fans and showing their gratitude for all the amazing support they recieve.

Following on from their very successful UK Spring Tour, they then took their fanbase on a trip round Europe. Most notably they sold out the Paradiso in Amsterdam, where Readers from all over the UK joined them whilst sporting their latest ‘orange’ SRC merch. The European tour also saw them play gigs in Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Milan and finished up in Paris. The quartet will now attend dates across europe for festivals over the summer.

Last week saw another big announcement hit the news where they have confirmed a 5 date Winter Tour which will see them play London, Wolverhampton, Glasgow and Manchester. They will play at the o2 Ritz in Manchester for two consecutive nights on Thursday 19th December and Friday 20th December, with the latter selling out last Friday within a couple hours of release.

We managed to get some down time with Aaron(vocals), Kurtis(lead guitar), James(bass) and David(drums) to ask them some questions regarding their recent and upcoming tours, how life has changed for them since going full-time and if there is any new music ready for them to showcase at their winter tour.

So boys, just how has life changed for you this year since becoming full-time musicians?

Aaron: We’ve managed to do a lot more shows and get to places we have never been before thats the main change. I would also say its had an impact on the writing process too. Previously when we were working in the day we would go into the studio with unfinished songs and write musical parts and lyrics on the spot, where as now we’ve had a lot more time to write all those parts together in the rehearsal room. Its only really starting to sink in now really that music is the sole focus, its a big change but a great one

Kurtis: It’s great to finally be able to focus properly on music and most importantly writing. It’s also good to be able to get out and tour properly. We’ve always worked hard at it even when we had day jobs and we continue to work hard but with our efforts going into something we are passionate about.

How exciting was it to finally get to places in the UK where your fans have been asking to see you for so long?

Aaron: Amazing, its been brilliant to see that we have an audience in places like Berlin, Poznan, Amsterdam and Zagreb. Until you book the dates and announce it you really don’t know what to expect, its not like we’ve had tons of radio out there, the audience we have has built largely by work of mouth online and through us doing one or two European festivals. I tell you what though, its fucking addictive, we are hungry for more not only in Europe but in the states. It was great spending time in all those places too, theres a lot of long drives but its worth it.

James: it’s top getting out there and banging out gigs. The UK, Europe or wherever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a holiday because you don’t really see much of the places as you’re busy sound checking and travelling but when you play the gig and speak to the fans afterwards it’s just mad that you are miles away from home and these people have spent their hard earned to come and see you!

What was your favourite date from the UK Spring tour & why?

David: As much as Sheffield at the leadmill was special, Blackpool sticks in my mind because it was a small venue, tiny stage with the fans right on top of us and they were buzzin the whole way through the show.

It was that small we used the van for our backstage!

Kurtis: It’s really hard to pick one but the thing that stood out to me was just how far and wide our music has reached, it was top to play places like Inverness and Truro and still have loads of people buzzing and singing back the words.

The European tour saw you visit some great cities, how was it touring the likes of Paris and Brussels?

James: Absolutely quality. To be fair we did a good few shifts in the van. 7 hours here and 12 hours there but it’s easier when you’re visiting places you’ve never seen before. We had time to have a laugh too and experience the wonders of the European motorway service stations. Visiting cities like Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich etc is the stuff we’ve been dreaming about for years. To roll in to a European city knowing that you’re playing your tunes there later on is fucking class. We love it. Seeing the cities and the people then blasting through a set. What’s not to like?

David, can you fill us in on ‘that’ injury which happened on tour?

David: who doesn’t like to celebrate an amazing Berlin show with some bread and butter……

Your fanbase, which includes us here at SoundMate, are SO supportive! How does it feel seeing so many people follow you all over the country and wearing your merch literally EVERYWHERE?

James: As I’ve said, what’s crazy for us is that we can be hundred or thousands of miles from home and there are people there who have heard our music and paid money to come to see us, and they’re bowling about in our clothing.. How fuckin’ mad is that? Music and the internet just brings people together and we fuckin’ love it.

Kurtis: It’s mad to see loads of people wearing the t-shirts at gigs and festivals and it’s even more mad to see people in the street.

2019 will end with The Winter Tour, which features 2 special nights at The Ritz, just how much are looking forward to ending such a productive year with a massive bang?

Aaron: The Ritz is a really cool venue, it’s a good size too, 1500 you can still see the whites of peoples eyes and bring everyone in. It was the site of the first big headline show for us in Manchester back in 2016 and is a proper milestone venue for any Manchester band so to be going back and doing two nights and them selling out so quick is a big statement I think.

James: Absolutely buzzin. I’d say I can’t wait but that would be lying because hopefully we can record an album between now and then but yeah, we’re looking forward to it. Two nights at The Ritz with that disco ball and that floor. It might actually fall in!

Finally, is there a new album on the horizon and just what can we expect from you in 2020?

Aaron: Yeah we are working on a new album right now. We’ve demoed 7 tracks so far and we have another 8/9 in the wings waiting to be kicked into shape. A lot of the tracks are a lot more aggressive than we’ve been in the past which has been cool to explore, theres some more delicate electro ones too but will see what makes the cut. We are looking at recording at Parr Street in Liverpool which is a great set up, we are in there now doing some demos and getting a feel for the place before proper sessions later in the year. So in 2020 you can expect a new album out along with a tour, all being well 🙂

We really enjoyed talking with The Slow Readers Club and look forward to attending their winter tour. If you would like to attend the tour then you can get your tickets by clicking here. If you would like to keep up with what they are up to, then head over to their Facebook page. Thanks again lad and all the best for the tour!

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