The Lathums Fight On

The Lathums – Fight On

After a very successful 2019, The Lathums have smashed into the New Year with another brilliant single and more headline shows! The fast rising indie-rock band from Wigan are causing a rift in the music scene for all the right reasons and their latest record just showcases exactly why. They have also recently announced 2 headline shows at Gorrila in Manchester and Lafayette in London, which sold out instantly.

We was on the road to watch Gerry Cinnamon at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle on Saturday 16th November, where we watched The Lathums support and yet again, we were blew away! Seeing them perform on a bigger stage has certainly wet our appetites for their own pending UK tours at bigger venues. If this is first time in hearing of The Lathums then get them in your music library, ’cause it certainly won’t be the last.

From the first single we fell in love with, ‘The Great Escape’, to the new release of ‘Fight On’, The Lathums front man Alex Moore continues to wow us with their lyrics. There is a certain nostalgic feeling of the Arctic Monkeys with every listen and fail to find lyrics up to this standard by any other band at the moment. ‘Fight On’ is yet again another catchy one to the fast growing collection of The Lathums, with a chorus you’ll be singing along to in no time paired along with a tasty riff afterwards. Along with a stand out lyric for us personally, “Guerilla warfare was a daily struggle but there are no trees and this is no jungle”.

As we await to watch The Lathums at Manchester’s Gorilla in May, we are also keeping a very close eye on the pending festival announcements in the coming weeks as we are sure they will be getting pulled from pillar to post this summer. Get yourself down to the smaller venues and appreciate the intimate showings from the boys whilst you can, as it will not be long before they’re selling out arena tours!

We managed to grab a few words with lead singer Alex on their latest release, life in the fast lane and what we can expect in the next 12 months.

Our Twitter feed is bombarded with ‘The Lathums’, how surreal is it having such an hardcore following so soon?

Much like most of the experiences I’ve had it’s hard to put to words, it all just feels natural it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve dreamed of it but never would have thought we’d have such a strong bond with people.

Just how does it feel having the quality of your lyrics being compared to the likes of Alex Turner?

Considering Alex Turners prowess and influence as a songwriter and my own feeling towards his lyrics it makes me very proud indeed, it’s very humbling and makes me want to work harder and write even better songs.

We are sure you have some big venues in your eyesight for Manchester, but if there was one place in your hometown of Wigan which you could play in the future, where would it be and why?

Definitely the Wigan pier to reopen that with a gig would be amazing, it’s a piece of Wigan history and it would be great to put something back into Wigan.

What artists are you currently listening to at the moment and is there any link to inspiration for future records?

I’m very old school in my taste of music and my influences are changing constantly I’ll listen to anything no matter the genre or era as long as it has a good vibe or message.

Even though we have just been graced with another brilliant single, the question on everyones lips is… Just when will we be getting the eagerly anticipated debut album from you guys?!

We have studio time booked in this year but we’re just having the best time at the moment touring and creating new music for everyone to enjoy, we’re so grateful for people who love our songs so it’s important to us we put on the best live shows for them. Everyone involved is working hard and we’re going to see what happens in the future, the sky is the limit.

Fight On will be making an appearance into our new ‘Crashing Into 2020’ playlist which will be available VERY soon. A massive thank you to The Lathums and Alex for blessing us with their time and we wish them all the the best for 2020 and cannot wait to see them take the roof of Gorrila! You can keep up with the band and their very vocal following on their Twitter by clicking here.